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How dare You? by darkSoul4Life

I apologize for what might be my shortest critique.

I always begin with vision so let's have at it.
I give you a 5. You seem to have wanted either an annoyed cheetah or one simply showing off her gorgeous profile, and you got it. You successfully captured that annoyed/vane cheetah.

I give you a 4.5 on originality.
I give you a high score because I have not quite seen such a clear depiction of a cheetah snarling. On the other hand I have seen annoyed cheetahs many, many times.

I give you 5 on technique (don't get tired of the high scores, they keep coming).
You're a fabulous photographer. You have a good eye. You got this beauty here looking like a champion on her rock there. It's difficult to get close enough to cheetahs, especially when they're already snarling, to capture this delightful pose.

Impact I give another bloody 5.
I compliment you on the filter choice, period. I have already expressed amazement in the position you got her and by showing a bit of her teeth it's all the more breathtaking.

Beautiful work (adds to favorites).
The Artist thought this was FAIR
1 out of 1 deviants thought this was fair.


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